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Supplying all your foods from the Far East & Asia

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M.A. Oriental Foods

M. A Oriental Foods is recognized as one of the Leading Importers and Distributors, Sourcing only the best from the Far East. Our philosophy has never changed, it has always been to provide our core market with exciting and vibrant foods. Our energetic purchasing team is constantly scouring countries all over the world for the latest food trends and we take tremendous pride in the ongoing evolution of our product range.

Above all we are Market Makers and not Market Followers.

Hard work, dedication and commitment to this process has made us the company that we are today but our appetite to grow with our suppliers and customers remains the strong heartbeat of our underlying philosophy.

Our success over the years has created solid partnerships with many prominent Far East & Asian household brands such as Del Monte, Kikkoman, Samyang, Foco, Healthy Boy, Renuka, Twin Elephant, Red Horse, Lily’s, McCormick, San Marino & Ashoka. Many of these which we solely represent in the UK.

Together with these premium brands, the un parallel growth and success of our Home brands, Sailing boat, Pinoy’s choice, Lady’s choice, Thai 9 have made M.A Oriental foods a strong market leader.



Quality is of paramount importance for us to be your one stop oriental food provider. All products are compliant with UK and EU regulations sourced only from reputable and approved suppliers.

Our People

MA Oriental is built on strong family values and this is tantamount with our workforce who we believe are the heart and soul of our business. Our diverse talented teams across Sales, Purchasing and Marketing are committed to delivering exceptional service to customers, suppliers and brand partners.

Operations & Distribution

Our main distribution centre based in Watford Hertfordshire is the hub of where our teams handle thousands of SKU’s both dry and frozen products every day.

Our self-contained and well facilitated warehouse enables our trained staff to maintain all products with sufficient care and attention to ensure you receive the best.

Our strategic location allows us to take advantage of all the major road networks which in turns aids to a smooth and efficient delivery service to UK and beyond.

Sourcing Network

We have over 30 years of experience of building relationships and forging alliances with a network of manufacturers throughout the world.

To ensure our efficient supply chain we continue to challenge our international logistics to maintain the high standards we expect.