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We have developed a wide selection of established private brands across the entire food spectrum. We carefully select products for our brands with quality and value in mind and develop products to reflect our ethos of Creativity, Innovation & Authenticity.

Our own brands have grown from strength to strength in all divisions of the oriental market and are now widely recognized on every retail shelf, online & in consumer households.

Sailing Boat

Our flagship Brand, Sailing Boat has successfully navigated into every retailer, wholesaler, and the food service industry. The history of this brand was inspired by our family roots, where vision of exploring the world with a quality Rice Brand that would successfully sail into the oriental sphere.

The Sailing Boat brand has truly exemplified this belief and continuous to grow and dominate the market. New developments include Organic, Riceberry, Brown Rice to cater for the healthier consumer with other new projects in hand.

Lady’s choice

Lady’s Choice one of our leading brands was born and developed with innovation & originality at the forefront of our mind. UK & EU approved, we carry a vast array of recognised Filipino Liver Spreads, Cheese Spreads, Sandwich spreads, Filipino delicacies & peanut butters. The range is continuously expanding with new and creative products always on the horizon.

Pinoy’s Choice

Pinoy’s Choice, as the name suggests is fast becoming the number one brand of choice for all Filpino’s in the UK and across Europe. Its varied range of must have Chicharon’s, pastes, speciality frozen meats and inventive seasoning powders have made this brand popular and essential to every Filipino Kitchen.

Thai 9

It is widely known in Thai tradition, 9 is a lucky number synonymous with good fortune. Testament to this, the Thai 9 brand has quickly become one of our most popular ranges.

Directly sourced from our strong alliances in the Far East, this brand is built upon the foundations of Real Authentic Ingredients with the assurance of quality.

We believe that the good fortune that we have seen from our brand will be mirrored in your markets.


The originality of this brand was formed with the merger of our company MA & Sarap meaning yummy in Taglog (Filpino). This brand completely illustrates this with a range of delicious Filipino style noodles (canton).


In additional to our private brands, we represent numerous food and drink brands in UK and across. Prominent brands from Thailand, Philippines, China, Korea & India & all over South East Asia.

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