Ashoka Combo Meal: Tasty Delights, Wallet-Friendly Bites!

Introducing Ashoka Combo Meal, Tasty Delights, Wallet-Friendly Bites!

At M.A. Oriental Foods, our utmost priority has always been customer satisfaction. In light of the challenging economic circumstances, we are thrilled to take a significant step towards meeting our customers’ needs. We are excited to announce the launch of the new value for money product range in collaboration with the ADF team. Thanks to the exceptional dedication and effort from the M.A. and ADF team, we are proud to introduce the Combo meal under Ashoka brand. Now, our customers can enjoy a delicious meal at a surprisingly affordable price! These delightful offerings will be available at B&M stores within the UK. We believe that providing affordable and high-quality products is crucial in these times, and Ashoka Combo meal perfectly embodies this commitment. We are confident that this new range will not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

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