M.A. Oriental Foods Achieved Highest Growth for India Gate Classic Basmati Rice in 2023-2024!

We’re thrilled to announce that M.A. Oriental Foods has been recognized for achieving the remarkable distinction of delivering the highest growth for India Gate Classic Basmati Rice for the year 2023-2024! This recognition is a direct reflection of our team’s unwavering dedication, relentless hard work, and commitment to excellence. We are incredibly proud of this […]

Introducing New Bubble Tea brand: Boba Cat.

bubble tea

Bubble tea has become a global sensation, captivating taste buds and redefining the way we enjoy tea. This refreshing and delightful beverage has transformed the drink culture, offering a unique blend of flavors and chewy tapioca pearls. And now, we are thrilled to announce suppling a new brand to the UK’s bubble tea scene: Bubble […]

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Looking after another community! Hong Kong’s loved Koon Chun Sauces Range is making its way overseas to MA Oriental Foods for an aromatic, flavourful addition to your oriental cuisine. Koon Chun is devoted to preparing sauces in natural ways, through means of maintaining the environment and preserving the unique flavour of these family recipes for […]