MA Oriental Foods has been titled the exclusive distributor for McCormick’s in the UK. The range includes high quality Mixes & Extracts.

Buko Pandan, Pandan, Ube Extract’s – are just three unique flavours that are used largely in Filipino cuisines adding aroma, colour and taste from pastries to ice-creams!

Flavour Profile:

Buko Pandan – rich, creamy and coconut flavour infused with a pandan flavour, that comes from the screwpine leaf.

Pandan – typically having a nutty flavour, like that of pistachio.

Ube – a purple, sweet, slightly nutty & vanilla taste. Today, the popularity of ube-centred desserts has skyrocketed due to its unique root-vegetable origins now being used more frequently in delicious sweet treats!

For more information or to inquire about McCormick, contact: or call 01923 222 220