We are super excited to announce we are now the distributors of DoDo Seafood Treats: The Fish Ball and Fish Cake Series.

DoDo Seafood Treats is Singapore’s largest fish ball manufacturer that produces delicious and authentic fish-based products – in fact, 60 varieties!!

Fish Balls in Singapore are considered a dish that is loved either as a snack or a meal, and DoDo has conquered the perfect, fresh tasting and even healthy fish ball.

The DoDo range at MA Oriental will include Fish Balls, Lobster Flavoured Fish Balls, Mini Chikuwa, Fish Balls with Seafood Filling, Cuttlefish Balls, Fish Assortment for Hot Pot, Tofu Fish Cakes and Crab Sticks.

We are extremely thrilled to have DoDo Seafood Treats on board with our team and can’t wait to get these into your freezers!

To inquire about DoDo Seafood Treats products, contact: or call 01923 222 220