Through the aegis of San Miguel – the number 1 brand in the Philippines, PureFoods juicy and delicious corned beef is packed full with a beefy flavour, available at MA Oriental Foods.

Corned Beef in the Philippines is used in a variety of native dishes including tapa, bulalo and bistek tagalog – and canned corned beef makes preparing these dishes an easy culinary task!

Pure Foods Corned Beef is the perfect way to create both traditional dishes and even new ones outside of the Filipino cuisine. It is a product that is loved by all due to its flavour-full taste.

For the best tasting corned beef, sauté with onions and garlic to both bring out and complement its beefy seasonings.

For more information or to inquire about PureFoods Corned Beef, contact: or call 01923 222 220